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This is a great place for artists to discover free tutorials both online text and video.
The tutorials are updated often with new Video lessons added frequently.

I originally put this site together for my own use. I admit to being a painting 'newbie' in ability. I do attend a watercolour class for pleasure and get great pleasure from it. However, there are times when i get an urge to learn more. I found that there are hundreds of painting tutorials out there, unfortunately many are of dubious quality. The ones included here are some of the best that I have come across and mostly with a European emphasis, although there are some very good ones from other parts of the world.

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I have , no doubt, missed many good tutorials. Please tell me about them by using our contacts page.

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Have a good time, enjoy the experience, learn a bit and if you happen to buy something from the site...smiles all round.

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I have added a section which hopes to explain Painting terms and materials.
I will add more, time permitting of course.

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Watercolour Challenge

- the 4OD TV programme. See Video Tutorials.

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